Market: Digital Signage  
Location: New York, NY
AV Integrator: Dru Whitacre Media Services Ltd.
AV Design Consultant: MetroClick
Solution: PRV55LCWLUN6 + PRV Smart Mounts + PRV32OPMT-6
Primeview – the technology provider behind the world’s most famous arena along with its partners, MetroClick & DWMS, have designed and deployed an interactive digital signage exhibit on behalf of LEXUS Northeast automotive. Inside the South & North Terrace of Madison Square Garden $1 billion renovation, you will see how sporting venues are becoming interactive. The content is brand related for LEXUS and through the interactive kiosk the immersive technology engages the user with more product related info. Through the user’s engagement of PRIMEVIEW’s solution, the brand related content is then mirrored onto 2 large dynamic Primeview LED LCD ultra-narrow video walls to create the ultimate user experience. The systems engagement started off as entertainment prop to inform consumers about LEXUS products but has now quickly become a vital source of new business information for all the dealerships in the Northeast.
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